Bangladesh and East India Tornado Prediction Site
by : Jonathan D. Finch

Jon Finch with Tornado in Roberts County, Texas in 1994
I grew up in Lawrenceville in rural southern Virginia. After receiving a Bachelors degree in Environmental Science from the University of Virginia in 1991, I earned a MS degree in Meteorology at the University of Oklahoma in 1997. Currently I am a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Dodge City, KS and enjoy all types of severe weather including the prediction of severe local storms, tornadoes and winter weather. My present research involves the development of a tornado climatology for east India and Bangladesh, and the documentation of the synoptic and mesoscale severe storm environment leading to tornados in this region.
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My Tornado Chases

Elevated Mixed Layer

High Plains Topo Maps

Bengal Convective Outlooks

Bangladesh Tornado Presentation

Special Cases for the United States

Estimating Instability While Storm Chasing
Bengal Tornadoes--background information

Historical Tornado Tracks for Bangladesh and East India

Meteorological Charts for Historical Tornado Cases for Bengal

Latitudinal Comparison of the Geostrophic Wind Approximation

Assessing Instability on the Front Range Without Upper Air Data

Potential Temperature and Mixing Ratio--Contributions to CAPE on Elevated Terrain