Historical Tornado Tracks for Bangladesh
and East India
Jonathan D. Finch

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Potential Temperature and Mixing Ratio--Contributions to CAPE on Elevated Terrain

            As stated in the climatology section of my web site, Ashraf Dewan and I have documented over 80 tornadoes for Bangladesh
            and east India. On this site, I am attempting to document the exact tornado paths of these tornadoes. I have plotted 24 out
            of 85 tornadoes so far for the Bengal region. The base map for this work was taken from the Lonely Planet Road Atlas for
            the Bengal region. The original maps were in color and higher resolution. This "big map" is a work in progress, and will be
            updated as time permits. This is the first in a series, and covers most of Bangladesh except for the extremities, and parts of
            extreme eastern India. Tornado track maps to come will include the Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Orissa states of India,
            as well as far northern, southern and southeastern Bangladesh. This is a difficult and time consuming process, especially
            since many villages and thanas in the region are hard to find on any map that I have access to. I found a few detailed maps
            at the University of Oklahoma Geologic Library, and these do have many small thanas and villages. But these maps do not
            cover all of Bangladesh. This page will also provide newspaper accounts for each tornado case.  This map covers much of
            Bangladesh and extreme east India.  I will be updating this map every few days. Several other maps will be added in the
            future that will cover the remainder of Bangladesh as well as coastal east India and the Assam state India. The death tolls
            from each tornado will be listed close to the path or the date, whichever is convenient.