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Bengal Convective Outlooks

Bangladesh Tornado Presentation

Special Cases for the United States

Estimating Instability While Storm Chasing
Bengal Tornadoes--background information

Historical Tornado Tracks for Bangladesh and East India

Meteorological Charts for Historical Tornado Cases for Bengal

Latitudinal Comparison of the Geostrophic Wind Approximation

Assessing Instability on the Front Range Without Upper Air Data

Potential Temperature and Mixing Ratio--Contributions to CAPE on Elevated Terrain

National Weather Service Pages
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        Storm Prediction Center    
Tropical  Prediction Center     
Climate Diagnostic Center  
National Center for Environmental Prediction
National Climate Data Center

US Current Weather Data
        NCAR RAP WX
        University of Wyoming - historical dataset back to 1989
        Profiler data Archive
        Nexlab Radar Page
        Weather Service web pages(good for radar)
        Weather Service Regional Radars
        Oklahoma mesonet
        NCAR Real time WX
        High plains Climate Center
        MODIS polar orbiting data
        NWS COOP data archive
   US Model Data
        Wright Weather
        ECMWF US
        ECMWF global
        Canadian Model
        Plymouth State(00 UTC ECMWF, UKMET, GFS)
        NCEP ETA(just change 00 to 06, 12 or 18)
        NCEP GFS(just change 00 to 06, 12 or 18)
        FSL RUC
        NEXLAB model page
        NCAR RAP Models

    Bengal Current Weather Data
        Weather Underground India
        Weather Underground Bangladesh
        University of Wyoming - real time and historical dataset back to 1989
        Meteostar IR loop(3-hrly)
        Indian MET IR
        Indian MET visible
        NAVY - IR(hrly)--updated every 30 min
        SSEC - IR loops(6-hrly)
        Albany - real time surface(for Digital Atmosphere)
        College of Dupage surface(for Digital Atmosphere)
        Albany - real time upper air(for Digital Atmosphere)
        College of Dupage upper air(for Digital Atmosphere)
        Weather Underground of Hong Kong
        NCEP/NCAR global reanalysis
        Meteostar obs. by country
        NASA - IR

        Bengal Model Data
        Plymouth State
        Meteostar - GFS(see sw Asia)
        ECMWF global


        Historical Weather Data
          University of Wyoming - Global historical dataset back to 1989

        Bangladesh Newspapers
        Indian Newspapers
        Calcutta Telegraph

        Storm pages
        European Storm Forecast Experiment
        German Servere WX
        Australia Severe WX
        Ontario severe storms
        Stormtrack(use internet explorer)
        Tornado Project

        Weather Tools
        Kestrel pocket wx
        SeverePlot v2.0
        Digital Atmosphere
        Tools for Meteorological Calculations

    Maps and locations in Bengal
        Upazila maps of Bangladesh

        Road Atlas Lonely Planet
        Worldwide station list
        ASOS homepage
        CDOT AWOS phone
        NOAA Locator
        USA GOV JOBS
        Global sunrise/moonrise 
        Kansas Weather Data Library
        Heat Index Explanation